Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mr. Larry Is the Birthday Word

Well, I was just looking at the calendar.  You know, the one Mr. Larry makes and gives to all his peoples?  It is the "birthday" word for him today!  He is very clever to make a note of that on the calender.  I think it would be more cleverer if Mr. Larry had written that it was the "birthday" word on all of the calendar spaces, but he did not.  Perhaps Mr. Larry is more subtle than I thought.

Then I did the math and realized that Mr. Larry is 64 years old.  Goodness.  Do you know how many years that is in dog years? 


Do we have to go through this again?  I am living in the same time-space continuum you are.  Really.  All dogs do.  We live fast and die young and try to score as many cookies as possible.  That is just how it is.  Get over it and stop trying to pretend we are actually living to 134 years or some such ridiculous nonsense. 

So, have the good "birthday" word, Mr. Larry.  And be sure to remember me on "give your favorite dog some cookies" day!  I checked the calendar.  It is on there.  A few times.  Although it is a little sloppy and hard to read.

P.S.  I apparently caused some confusion about the name of Mr. Larry last time I talked about him and his fantastic cookie sharing.  See, there is "brother-of-Boss" and "mom-of-Boss" but not "dad-of-Boss".  Which apparently led some people to believe that Boss was born out of an alien pod or some such nonsense.  Actually, this leads me to believe that the people who were confused were all actually the bat crazy cat pretending to be confused people.  So I will be very clear, and yes I am talking to you, you stupid bat crazy cat:  Mr. Larry is the name of the dad of Boss.  He is real.  And Boss is not an alien born out of a pod!  Although sometimes Mr. Larry says that Boss is adopted.  But I do not think we should discuss that as it will create more confusion.  Boss agrees.  She agrees that Mr. Larry is possibly not her father after all as he has very attractive knees and she does not.  She is very bitter about this.  

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