Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lots of Fun Stuff Here

Boss is annoyed at me.  I have been having too much fun.  And I lost track of time.  And so I did not pick the hoppy froggy bloggy thing winner person yesterday like I was supposed to.  But I will today!  After I show you all about the fun and wonderful things that have been going on here. 

The first thing is that there is a challenge over at The ScrapRoom about making a pretty-paper-picture-story page of love.  (If you are a ScrapRoom member, you can see it here!)  This is not that exciting for me because love and mushy stuff is for, well, Boss.  She is the pink wearing ribbon loving chocolate eating lovey mushy person around here.  But since there is this challenge, Boss has a reason to take extra pictures and play with them and hang out with me.  This is really super duper awesomeness.  Because you know what happens when we hang out?  Boss sings Mumford & Sons to me with a happy smiley face and feeds me Cool Ranch Doritos.  Yes, lovey mushy stuff is actually pretty good after all. 

These are the pictures that Boss will turn into a pretty-paper-picture-story page about love.  They are from when Boss gave Big One and Player and Talker cards with brilliant poems in them and also big chocolates.  And I am willing to overlook the silliness of the pixlr-o-matic mess she has made of the pictures because I am too busy snarfing down Cool Ranch Doritos.  This is called "keeping my opinion to myself."

And then soon after that, we had the birthday of Player and the Cousin-of-Player.  This is the boy Cousin-of-Player.  Not the girl Cousin-of-Player.  The girl Cousin-of-Player is actually Cousin-of-Talker.  That is how I can tell them apart.  Well, plus Cousin-of-Player smells delicious and I am sure would be easy to convince to give me a ham or a roast or something.  Cousin-of-Talker just bosses me around a lot and makes me walk here and there and here and there and follow the rules.  I think Cousin-of-Talker must be the "related" word to Boss.  They are very much the same in some things.  Including the color pink and ribbons and lovey mushy stuff.  But here is the birthday of Player and Cousin-of-Player.  Boss thought it was hilarious when some of the flags caught on fire.  She might have been drinking a little at that point.
Boss says when you do not have fantastic cake decorating skills, you can fool everybody by making lots of little flags out of birthday paper and tossing on a bunch of sprinkles and using every candle you have.  And if you catch the cake on fire, then it is super more extra fun!  And the glow of the cake is even better for taking pictures of.
And finally, the best for last!  Well, the best for almost last.  Do not worry, I have not forgotten that there will be a winner in this blog post.  BUT LOOK!!!!  My friend Willow spent the weekend with me!  She is super duper extra lots really really REALLY wonderful.  I love her.  And she loves treats!  Just like me!  Boss gave us lots of treats for looking adorable in this picture.

And finally, the winner of the hoppy froggy bloggy thing.  Everyone was so very much niceness!  I was worried how I was going to pick a winner for the only-slightly-licked Evalicious stamps, but I decided that my tail would tell me.  Because the tail of a dog is a marvelous thing.  It will tell you when you are happy and smiling even if you do not know it.  And here is the winning post that made my tail wag a lot - A LOT! - and made Boss laugh out loud:
Laney  February 11, 2013 at 7:30 PM
Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?? You are! Yes you are!!
So Laney, I am a very good boy (yes I am!) and I will remind Boss to mail you these delicious Evalicious stamps.  But you will have to send Boss an email at saviostrozny @ to get this prize. 

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