Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas Food

So I am writing this blog post in the kennel place.  Since the bat crazy cat and this new cat are also here in the kennel, Boss said that it would be okay for me to have a little netbook along and write a blog post or two.  But I am not allowed to do the "abuse my internet privileges" words by spending too much time on websites featuring french poodles.  I mean, not spending ANY time on websites featuring french poodles.  Not even that one with the twin poodles or the other one with a pool full of poodles.  Because that would get me into trouble again.  I mean, that might get me into trouble if I was the sort of dog that would look at websites like that.  But I am not.  Not even a little bit.  By accident.  A couple of times.

Boss and Big One and Player and Talker are doing the "Christmas" word with the parents of Boss right now.  They already did the "Christmas" word with each other and the bat crazy cat and this new cat and me.  And the food was awesomeness!  Everybody got to eat foods and more foods and more and more foods and IT WAS AWESOMENESS.  Since the bat crazy cat and this new cat and me ate our "Christmas" word foods so fast, there are no good pictures.  Boss says the pictures show animal shaped blurs and some brown things that could be identified as treats if one squinted hard enough.  So just imagine that.  But the pictures of the foods my people ate turned out nice and will become pretty-paper-picture-story pages for The ScrapRoom and an obsessive mini book for Evalicious, says Boss. But I do not care.  I want to just look at the foods my people ate!

Boss makes cinnamon rolls.  This is part of the surprise for Big One, so Boss is wearing red and insists on being called Santa.  Talker says that she is MC Awesome instead.  The M means "mama" and the C means "claus" and the Awesome means Player gets to have extra electronics privileges.
Player makes the frosting for the surprise cinnamon rolls.  He was not supposed to be home when the surprises were happening, so Boss made him wear red and called him Elf.  She kept saying to not tell Player about the surprises and I got terribly confused.
BOSS MADE PUPPY CHOW!!!!!  IT IS FOR PUPPIES!!!!!   I AM A PUPPY!!!!!!!  Oh.  No.  I am not, says Boss.  She says I am a dog and am too old for this stuff.  Plus, it has chocolate in it and will make me die.  That seems mean to feed to puppies.  Perhaps that is why we do not have puppies.
Boss says this is rock candy, which seems mean to feed to anyone.   Boss is sometimes mean like that, I guess.
Oh!  The secret cinnamon rolls which are not longer a secret!  They were tasty, except for the gluten-free ones in the background.  Boss says those were best in the trash after she licked the frosting off of them.
The special "Christmas" word dinner that Boss made Big One as a surprise.  There was roasted pork, roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, and roasted rolls.  Boss is a big fan of roasting things, and Big One is a big fan of eating roasted things.
Big One cuts the meat.  Which is not like cutting the cheese, says Boss.
Boss calls this a chocolate moose.  But it is spelled mousse and tastes better than if you spell it "moose".  A moose is a moose is a moose is a moose no matter how you spell it, if you ask me.  But no one does.

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