Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boss Has a New Toy

So Boss has a new toy and it is on the computer and it makes pictures all messed up.  I know that sounds a little bit crazy but she did and it is and it does.  Boss has been playing with it a lot and I think you will be seeing lots of messed up pictures, and pretty-paper-picture-story pages made with messed up pictures.  Boss makes happy squealing noises and uses words like "Oh that is so cool!" when she messes up the pictures which is not the normal thing around here.  Yes, I have decided that the end of the world really is going to happen.

Since the world is going to end I guess I do not really care if you want to mess up your pictures too.  So you could go to pixlr.com and use the pixlr-o-matic and mess up all sorts of pictures in all sorts of ways.  Boss even downloaded that app.  This is exciting to her because she does not have a smart phone that will do instagrams.  She says her phone is dumb and boring but I am fine with that because smart phones that mess up pictures do not sound that smart to me.

Here is how Boss is messing up pictures.  I love this picture of Player.  I love him.  He is adorable.  And then Boss changes his colors, makes him messy and then scratched him.  I do not understand Boss.  Maybe she is still angry about the beets comment.

Before:  Hi Player.  I love you!
After:  It is all messed up and I am sad.

And then Boss went and made a pretty-paper-picture story page with this horrible messed up picture.  I am sad.  I am not a fan. 
This is for a BasicGrey sketch challenge.  I looked at the rules.  There is nothing that says messing up pictures is a good idea for the challenge.  I am just saying that.  I wish Boss would listen.

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