Sunday, October 21, 2012

Guest Blogger: Somebody Has to Be Responsible

I am observing this new cat and his terrible guest blog post.  Incredible.
I think it's clear that the responsible one is NOT this new cat.  Or, at least, that is what he is trying to convince you of.  He's really quite good.  Clever, actually.  If he wasn't actually a dangerous undercover agent, I would give him quite the drubbing.  But I'll act as if his complete lack of intelligence and motivation is merely annoying to me and I'll move on.

Since somebody around here has to write an intelligent post, I'll be updating you on the current status of Talker's organ harvesting operation.  So far the people here still seem healthy and in good spirits.  I cannot tell if that's from Talker completely numbing their brains with his incessant talking or if they are really having a good time.  The ridiculous frivolity that occurs here on a daily basis is approaching the absurd.  These people really need to get some seriousness and wake up to the fact that they are in danger.

But no.  If they aren't all goofing off, they are all off on some big trip with Talker and the stupid dog.  They just don't see the truth like I do.  Going anywhere with Talker is DANGEROUS.  Goofing off is DANGEROUS.

And goofing off is what the female in this house seems to do best.  (Besides opening the cans of chicken!)  I hope Talker leaves her for last.  I really, really do.  And to be honest, I think Talker can take his time... she'll never notice her kidneys are in danger because every waking moment is spent working on these scrapbook pages and cards.  I have yet to figure out the purpose for them except that perhaps she *is* aware of the danger she is in and has cleverly disguised pleas for help on the pages.  Hm.  If that is her plan, I must revise my earlier estimation of this woman and consider her very, very clever.  And then, of course, I must assist her in her plan to overthrow Talker and save us all!  So with that in mind, here's what has been created lately.  Please, help us!!!
BasicGrey Clippings:  Perfect choice for a cleverly disguised note to the outside world.  If only I had the key to decipher it!
Echo Park Everyday Eclectic:   Yes.  I see the key... the large decoder watch in the picture must be around here somewhere!
Little Yellow Bicycle Saturday:  Ah!  She is trying to get LYB to notice her... and would be grateful for some help, I think.
Little Yellow Bicycle Twig:  Yes, I am sure of it now.  She is asking LYB to reach out and swat Talker with a stick.  Oh, very, very clever.  We shall be rescued any day now!

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