Saturday, October 13, 2012

Talker Has Finally Stopped Running

Talker has run 1,267 miles this year.  Or maybe that is meters.  Or kilometers.  Or whatever.  All I know it is a lot.  A LOT.  And Boss and Big One are very proud of him for running around and almost throwing up.   I wondered if he ever pooped himself because that would be really really cool but Talker says no.  And makes a rolling eye face at me.  But he does that a lot so I am not sure if this comment got more rolling eye face or less rolling eye face compared to the other comments that get the rolling eye face. 

Boss and Big One went to see Talker run four times this season and as you might expect Boss took her camera and took a ridiculous number of photos of Talker running.  Running away.  Running back.  Running by.  Standing around after running.  Which is very similar to standing around before running.  And also as you might expect, Boss used her new silly toy to mess up perfectly good pictures of Talker running.  You might need to click on them to see them better.

Talker was horrified to see his arm in front of his body in this picture.  This is very bad form he says.  Regardless, the brother of Boss thinks this is a very cool photo and that it looks like a movie poster.  Before Boss messed it up anyway.
Talker runs toward the stadium where the end of the race is.  He is in a hurry to get there because standing around after running is more fun than actually running.
Talker is doing something called "pushing it to the end".  This is not a pooping reference.
Talker passes this girl, but he says it does not count because he is not racing girls.  But I can see it happening in this picture so I am not sure where these extra rules are coming from.
Talker is at the back of this pack as the race begins.  He is tall and blond and is actually smiling.  Or maybe it is just gas.
Big One cheers for Talker as he races on the golf course in our town.  He was very much awesomeness in this race and Boss got a little teary as he ran by.  She gets teary a lot though so I do not know if that is really news.

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