Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boss Uses Any Excuse to Hang Out With Me

So Boss says it is World Card Making Day today.  And that she is going to sit in our hang out room and make cards with me.  I find this suspiciously convenient, as this is what Boss does every time she can sneak away from dirty dishes, laundry, and cat vomit.  I find all of these things delicious, but Boss does not.  Anyway.  Boss is going to make cards, she says, and to not bother her.  Unless there are Candy Corn M&Ms to be eaten and then she will make the time to take care of them, she says.

I googled World Card Making Day.  I found a website that says today is actually World Card Making Day.  But as you all know, any yahoo can make a website, or a blog for that matter, so then I consulted the all-knowing Wikipedia.  And guess what?  No World Card Making Day is in Wikipedia.  I do not want to sound like the bat crazy cat, but I am thinking that Boss is just going to make stuff up so she can be away from the the "smelly boybarians" and "odious tasks" that are the normal Saturday thing around here.  And besides, Boss just made a bunch of cards last weekend at the Card Crop they were having at the message board at The ScrapRoom.  How many cards does Boss need?  Apparently a lot.  A LOT.  And I will show them to you.

But if Boss needs to make cards, then I must keep an eye on her.  So I will be with her as she makes the cards and I will also keep an eye out for the M&Ms.  I am faithful like that.

Washi Tape Challenge:  Boss loves washi tape.  I do not.
Recipe Challenge:  Boss had to use chipboard and ribbons.  Ribbons are not my favorite food but they are somewhat tasty if that is all I can find on the floor under the table that Boss sits at.
Initial Challenge:  This is the challenge that Boss made.  She says her initials are TLS so she used a tag, ledger paper, and stitching.  I do not know how TLS spells Boss.  I am confused.
Less Is More Challenge:  I disagree.  Less is less.  Unless we are talking about cats maybe.
Bookmark Challenge:  Bookmarks are not cards.  But nobody asked me.
Be Inspired Challenge:  Boss used the music paper and birds from the inspiration piece that she was given to use (whatever that means).  Boss does not like these cards.  Player likes these cards.  Boss does not know everything, I think.
Color Challenge:  Boss used the colors green and red from the picture that was shared to make these cards.  Do not ask me if dogs are colorblind.  I think the cards look very nice.  I do not want trouble with Boss.
Monochromatic Challenge:  Boss made this card for me.  It is made from BasicGrey paper.  But I am her favorite Grey.  She even said so.
Negative Challenge:  Boss threw away the card that came before this card.  That is not the negative part of the challenge.  The challenge is to cut out a shape and use both the cut out shape and the cut out shape hole.  She says this card is better because she likes this one.  Boss is quite smart.

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