Sunday, July 7, 2013

Epic Paper Bits Flying Everywhere, or May 2013 Teeny-Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages

So we will doing some math stuffses now.

Boss got the April teeny-pretty-paper-picture-story pages done on the lastest day of June.  And now today Boss has finished the May teeny-pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  That is seven days.  Which is amazingness as that turns out to be 3.14 teeny-pretty-paper-picture-story pages per day which makes me curiously hungry for pie.  (This is a math joke.  Do not be sad if you do not get it.  Math is actually quite hard.)

So now I will be doing more math because I am more than just a simple dog.  I am a simple dog who knows how to count.  And I will claim that counting is math and I will be right because it is and I am.  Plus I am allowed the "benefit of doubt" words because I am just a dog and any attempt at the math stuffses should be met with admiration and love and cupcakes.

I have been counting the number of things that Boss puts in the teeny-pretty-paper-picture-story pages, which makes me think that Boss thinks some things are more important than others (there is a point to be made here... wait for it).
  1. Boss:  14 times (I suppose this is acceptable, as Boss is making the teeny-pretty-paper-picture-story pages from the pictures that she took)
  2. Food:  7 times (again, acceptable... and in fact, the more times Boss takes pictures of the food, the more times the food is left unwatched for just the right opportunity for me to eat it)
  3. Big One:  6 times (at first thought I know you would think Boss would like me better than Big One, but I am marginally less smelly than Big One and as we all know, smelly wins points with Boss!)
  4. Talker and flowers:  tied at 5 times each (okay, now I am seriously sadness at the fact that flowers are more better than me, except that now this explains all the yelling and frowny forehead faces when I wander into the flower garden of Boss)
  5. Grey and friends-of-Boss:  tied at 4 times each (finally I am on the list and I actually feel pretty good about this because Boss absolutely adores the friends-of-Boss and will not shut up about them which leads me to believe that friends-of-Boss probably are tired of hearing how wonderful I am too)
  6. Player:  3 times (oh, do not be sad, Player, because I love you possibly more than Boss does and I would be ashamed if I was her for not featuring you more often in her pages)
  7. Mr. Larry:  2 times (I think if he fed me more cookies, he would have been featured more often... just saying)
  8. Yarn things:  1 time (thank goodness)
  9. The bat crazy cat and this new cat:  no times.  Yes, that is right.  No times.  I am doing the "fist pump" words here now.  HAHAHA!  I am featured a hundred million gabillion zillion infinity more times than the bat crazy cat and this new cat because you can not divide by zero and get a reasonable answer.  No, you can not.
May 2013 Teeny-Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages

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