Thursday, July 4, 2013

What Took So Long, or April 2013 Teeny-Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages

I actually know the answer to this question.  What took so long is life.  Boss says it is the root cause of all her problems.  But then she gets distracted by this thought and then goes off on this long rambling discourse on how life is actually filled with wonderful stuffses and when there is no time to get the pretty-paper-picture-story pages done, that means there is pictures and memory things happening RIGHT NOW so there will always be pretty-paper-picture-story pages to work on later.  Then Boss started talking about how memories are really like acorns and walnuts and other things that squirrels put away for winter... and then I stopped listening because I got distracted by the "squirrel" word and started wondering how one would actually taste if they would just come a little bit closer.  I mean, really?  Can they not just come within the area that I am allowed to go?  Make it at least fair, squirrels.  Taunting me from places I can not reach is just really not niceness.

Oh.  Sorry.  Boss has already talked to me once about letting these posts degenerate into discussions on squirrels.  So I will show you the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages from April.  There are actually a lot of them because my peoples went on a very nice vacation thing.  Without me.


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