Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Am Sorry

So Boss has had the "surgery" word and it means that she does not move out of her chair or do much of anything at all.  I mean, even more not much of anything at all than normal.  In fact, Big One has been doing the cooking and Talker has been making bagels and cream cheese for Boss and Player has been asking "how are you feeling now?" a lot.  A LOT.  It is very much not normal around here. 

I understand that it is helpful to leave Boss alone and I tried very hard and I did such a good job for a lot of days but then today I just sort of forgot and got a little crazy.  And it is probably good that Boss is still not very perky or I would have been in some serious trouble.  Although if Boss was perky, she maybe would not have left the camera where it could have fallen on the very hard floor if a cat tempted me to jump up on the furniture and go a little crazy.  But that would be blaming Boss for me being naughty and that is a very bad idea.  I know this.  So I will say that I am sorry.  And I will pose pathetically by this sign that Boss made. 

And be glad she got the camera to work.
Look at how pathetic I am!  I made this sad face at Boss and she said that she could not be mad at me, and to cheer up, and that I was not in trouble, and to have a treat.  I am very much awesomeness at getting out of trouble! 

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  1. Naughty dog! Hope your camera recovers, same for you :)