Friday, December 14, 2012

Boss Makes Yarn Things; also, Talker Is Not an Attractive Model

I have seen this.  Both of these.  And they are true.  But I will show you so you can be in the judgement of these things yourself.

While Boss was in the laying around doing nothing phase of the "surgery" word, she made many yarn things.  Apparently Boss is also the "hoarder" word when it comes to yarn because she seems to have a lot of yarn that does nothing except get looked at and held and then put away for someday.  But apparently the "someday" word was last week because all those yarns came out and sat in a bucket and got poked at by Boss when she was not napping.  And apparently Boss collects yarns in twos, or she thinks there is a flood coming, or she can not just buy one of anything, or maybe all of those things.  Because there were two yarns of each kind.

And if you ask Boss what she will be making with these yarns in twos she says she does not know but she will figure it out eventually.  This means looking at magazines and making parts of yarn things and then taking the yarn things apart.  And also looking at books and making parts of yarn things and then taking the yarn things apart.  And also even looking at yarn thing patterns found with Google and making parts of yarn things and then taking the yarn things apart.  This can go on for quite some time until Boss forgets to take the yarn things apart and accidentally finishes using the yarn.

But that is okay, because then Boss says it is done and she likes it and then reaches for more yarns.

A bag made with horrible scratchy sparkle yarn and delightfully soft, yet not very tasty, wool.  I thought I smelled a sheep but I could not find it.  I looked very hard though.  I spread the wool out on the floor.
A girly flower.  Boss seems to think this bag might be a boy bag if she does not add the flower.  I think a boy would not want the bag even if it did not have a flower.  I am pretty sure about this.
Boss is delighted at the tiny stitches of the horrible scratchy sparkle yarn and scalloped edge of the not very tasty wool.
Talker is not an attractive model.
This is what Boss is calling a cowl.  Or, a scarf that turned out too short.
Boss says this is a very easy pattern (dc 7, ch 3, turn) but difficult yarn.  I think Boss is showing off with the numbers and letters and actually does not have any idea what she is talking about.  She does not even know how to text.
Talker is not an attractive model.
This is a curly scarf.  I know.  I am the master of the obvious.  This is what happens when Boss gives too much instruction and does not let me just write the blog posts how I want.  I am reduced to writing captions that add nothing to the post whatsoever except for word count.  And I am not getting paid by the word, so it is silly.  In fact, I am not getting paid at all.  AT ALL.  But I have just been reminded that I am doing this because I love my people.  Even when they make me write useless captions.
The curly scarf even closer.  Boss says it is worked on the long edge and reminds her of the octopus doll the Mom of Boss made.  And then Boss gets a happy smile on her face and then wonders what happened to that octopus.  It was pink, she says.
Talker is not an attractive model.
These are the yarns that were used for the cowl and the curly scarf.  Boss says they were fun but annoying to take apart a lot.  But she did it anyway.
Boss tried to make lace.  Boss thinks she is maybe not meant to make lace.  Boss thinks lace might be dumb.
A closer look at the dumb lace.

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