Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Last of the Pretty-Paper-Picture-Story Pages

Because the end of the world is coming.  I know this.  I can read.  And even though there was that article in the National Geographic about another Mayan calendar being found that goes for five thousand more years I am not going to be bamboozled by that article, no, I am not.  And here is why I am convinced that this whole thing is real even though Boss has become very very VERY annoyed with me whenever I try to discuss this:  this bat crazy cat does not have any comment about the end of the world and dismisses it as ridiculous and the "yammerings of half-breed hyenas."  (I am well aware that this is a reference to me.  Which is ridiculous as I am not half hyena.  I am much better bred than that I am sure.  I believe I am part awesomeness and part adorable and part "shelter special" as Boss says.  I am special.  Not a hyena.  Or even part of a hyena.) 

And that is my point.  If the bat crazy cat agrees with me, I know that I am not very smart and probably slightly insane.  If the bat crazy cat does not agree with me, I know that I must be onto something.  Therefore, since the bat crazy cat does not agree that the end of the world is coming, it *must* be coming.  And there will be no more pretty-paper-picture-story pages ever again.

I mean, no more pretty-paper-picture-story pages after these.

Boss is only letting me share these pretty-paper-picture-story pages because she thinks the paper strips are somewhat clever.  Otherwise, Boss was just happy to be done with these pictures.  I am not a fan either, but it is because there is a picture of a hyena and none of me.  And I am not a hyena, or even part of a hyena.  I have stripes.  I do not have spots.  Plus, I do not smell very horrible.  Well.  Maybe that is not a good differentiator.
Boss loved this page until it was done.  It was for a BasicGrey sketch challenge and Boss always loves the BasicGrey (again, BasicGrey is paper and is not Grey the dog, which is me, so I am not a fan of BasicGrey either).  After saying "meh" at the page, Boss thinks the problem is the picture.  Boss needs to take more responsibility, I think.  But that is only my opinion.
Boss decided to mess up the picture and reorder it and replace it in the layout.  Boss is already much happier and I have already told you what I think about the pixlr-o-matic mess that Boss likes and I do not.  I am not a fan again.  (Boss did not have time to swap the photos before the end of the world.  I am secretly glad about that.)
Boss made this page "outside her comfort zone" which is somewhere not in her cozy chair sitting on her butt, I think.  Oh.  Well, Boss gave me the frowny forehead face and says it means "being challenged to use mist and hyperventilating and wanting to throw up."  I do not know why she just did not say that in the first place.  Also, Boss says that this challenge was a personal one from friend-the-Gazelle and made her question the friendship.  Whatever that means.
Hobby Series #1:  (Boss said to type that first part.)  This pretty-paper-picture-story page shows that Boss is using the "double standard" words.  Apparently when Boss wants to make messes on paper it is okay.  When friend-the-Gazelle wants to make messes on paper, Boss gets the "cranky pants" words.  But that is how Boss is.  It is hard living here sometimes. 
Hobby Series #2:  Yarn things.  Made before the other yarn things.  I grow weary of the yarn things already.

And I never did get a cupcake... 

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