Sunday, November 3, 2013

It Is Starting To Feel A Lot Like Christmas Or Something Around Here

Or maybe it is just a party of some kind.  With music and laughing and chocolate... At least in the scrappy space of Boss.  She is making the pretty-paper-picture-story pages and there is very much of the music of Christmas being sung and whistled and hummed around here.  Boss says it puts her in the mood to make the pretty-paper-picture-story pages of Christmas.  Which Boss says is necessary because making the pretty-paper-picture-story pages of Christmas is very much difficultness, apparently.  When you ask Boss about this, she gets a little bit of the "embarrassed" word and mutters something about the pictures being messy and too many and chaotic.  Boss also feels this way about the pretty-paper-picture-story pages of birthdays also.  And the pretty-paper-picture-story pages of the Happy Thanksgivingness!  I think the problem of Boss is that she does not like making pretty-paper-picture-story pages of the things that happen a lot.  Because she is very creativeness and feels like doing fifty million gabillion pretty-paper-picture-story pages of Christmas is not as fun as making one pretty-paper-picture-story pages of climbing on rocks or of Player sinking boats or of Talker drinking wine or of Boss making cakes.  Actually, do not worry about Talker drinking wine.  It was only a little and there were many witnesses.  Boss drank way lots more than that when she was making the cake thing.  And there were witnesses, but I think they were being encouragement.  But anyway.  Boss says she is almost done with pretty-paper-picture-story pages of Christmas for the year of 2009.  And yes, she knows there are more coming.  But she says she is going to be just fineness about that because she has wonderful scrappy friends that will help her get through it. 

Fall 2009:  So the most interestingness part about this pretty-paper-picture-story page is the yellow feather things.  Friends-of-Boss and Boss herself are not the fans of the whole feather trend thing that is happening right now.  But BasicGrey did not know this and they made some and they came in the POTM kit that Boss gets.  And Boss was momentarily in shock at the awfulness of the whole feather thing + BasicGrey.  Because those two things are not supposed to be together says Boss.  But anyway.  Boss may have been dared to use the horrid feather things.  And she did.  And she says they actually do not look too bad.  But Boss does ask BasicGrey to not do that again.  Her brains just might explode.
Fall 2009:  A pretty-paper-picture-story page with no pictures.  Boss is a fan of this because sometimes you are doing serious things in quiet places and for example it might not be appropriateness to get up and interrupt a church service thing so you can do the "mama-razzi" word.  So Boss makes a pocket to hold the words of the church service thing and writes about Talker drinking wine.  In church.  I know, right?
Fall 2009:  I am in great happiness!  Look at the cuteness of Player when he was all littleness!  And yes, he still makes that face when he is about to be naughty.  Do not ask me how I know this.  Boss says this is based on a page|maps sketch thing that friend-the-deadly suggested.  Boss does love the page|maps.  Yes, yes she does.  And you can probably figure out how I know this.  Oh, and Boss challenged the friends-of-Boss to use a thing not a letter instead of a letter in a word that normally requires just letters just like Boss did here.  This is overly confusingness, I think.
Winter 2009:  Merry Christmasness to you!  This is a card on a pretty-paper-picture-story page.  This is called the "covering the bases" words.  Boss was challenged by friend-the-tall-and-stately to use crumpled up paper.  I am not impressed with this.  When I do the crumple thing to the paper of Boss, she gets the frowny forehead face and says the "no" word.  When friend-the-tall-and-stately recommends it, Boss giggles and says the "okay" word.  I think there this great unfairness here.
Winter 2009:  This is a very sad pretty-paper-picture-story page.  It might look like a very nice pretty-paper-picture-story page about a Christmas concert thing, but if you look really really really close, it is all about Player and his ex-wife.  I know, right?  You did not see that coming.  Player and his now-ex-wife had the wedding and children and everything planned but then she moved away and Player was so not into the long-distance relationships so it got over and now Player is very embarassed by this whole thing and wishes Boss would just stop mentioning it already.
Winter 2009:  Boss saw a pretty-paper-picture-story page by friend-the-tall-and-stately and it had a very long tag on it and Boss said the "GENIUS!" word.  And then she stole it.  And now she is overusing the very long tag thing, I think.  Boss disagrees and says it is a "unifying element" and helps make all this mess look cohesive.  Boss seems overly sensitive about this idea so I am going to just move on.
Winter 2012:  At this point I think I need to mention that friend-the-tall-and-stately may be a bit on the bossy side.  I know that she seems like quite a nice friend, but the things she tells Boss to do are a bit crazy.  Like on this pretty-paper-picture-story page, friend-the-tall-and-stately dared Boss to cut up the picture of the deliciousness.  First it was crumpled paper.  Now it is cutting up pictures!  What next???  PAINT THE DOG?????  Somebody stop her!!!!!!!!!
Summer 2013:  Um yeah.  Sometimes Boss enjoys the drinks.  And then friend-the-eyeball and friend-the-deadly get involved and turn it into an excuse to use the horrid pink paper and "unifying element" things.  And to make it worse, friend-the-gazelle then jumps in and says Boss has to use flair.  Not just have flair.  But *use* flair.  So Boss allows these so-called friends to push her around once again and sticks a flair thing on her page.  Whatevs.

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