Thursday, October 31, 2013

Proof That Boss Is Cheating On Me

So Boss says it just happened by accident.  But I have the proof on video, yes I do.

Boss says she was just going to look at the most beautifulest and most amazingness desk at the Stamp-n-Storage place.  But I saw what happened, yes I did.

It was not the plan, says Boss.  The camera crew was not supposed to be there.  But Boss certainly looks happy.

Boss says she was not even saying real words when this was being filmed but I now know that Boss has been with other dogs.  And it will cost her a lot of pepperoni to make it all better between us.  A LOT.  Like, more than three.  Possibly five.  Yes, five!

Boss says that the part with her in it only lasts like 2 seconds and that this video is really all about the ohmigorgeous Stamp-n-Storage desk.  Boss says that there is really a long story that goes with this and that it would better if she could explain it and then I would not be feeling so peckish.  That might be true, but I will be thanking the Stamp-n-Storage peoples for letting me know that Boss is easily distracted by cute little dogs.  Furthermore, I have some sad puppy eyes to make now so I will not be having the kind of time it takes to listen to stories and write them out for you.  Anything for the pepperoni, yes?  And possibly a cupcake.  I am awesomeness like that!  Yes I am.

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  1. Awesomeness Grey! --HJS, Ladysmith WI