Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boss Can Not Stay Away From the Evalicious Deliciousness

So Boss did notice that Evalicious has new delicious Evalicious goodies.  Evalicious is amazingness that way, you know?  Well.  This is what Boss says.  I have yet to find a cupcake addressed to me from the Evalicious shop, but I am quite hopeful.  Maybe I should send the Evalicious peoples an email.  Boss is doubtfulness about this working as cupcakes are notoriously difficult to ship across international borders.

International borders... ???

Where is this Evalicious stuffses actually from?

Canada, says Boss.  But Boss gives me the "zip it" gesture in a most emphatic way.  "We are not going there AGAIN," says Boss.  "We are not going to risk the wrath of the entire country of Canada," says Boss.  "We were lucky last time," says Boss.  "Besides, Evalicious is nowhere near Ontario," says Boss.  "Would you like to go for a walk?" says Boss.

Oh yes.  YES I WOULD!!!!!  Yes!  Yes!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Then you will be showing the Evalicious deliciousness I made so we can go!" says Boss.

I can take a hint.

Project Life with Evalicious:  So what do tasty balls of yarn and Talker at the doctor place have in common?  Nothing.  But Boss says that sometimes the life thing just happens and in this moment in time, all there was in her life was Talker at the doctor place and tasty balls of yarn.  I do not agree.  There could be a whole page of me but no. 
Boss is very much liking these puffy stickers.  I tried to like them too but Boss said the "no" word and snatched it away from me.  Boss also loves that there is a very nice combination of colors on the new Evalicious stuff.  Boss uses a lot of teal.  Or is it aqua?  Perhaps it is light green.  I have no idea.  And I am not sure a simple dog such as myself needs to worry about that, actually.
Boss likes to cut out the Evalicious tags sometimes.  She is unpredictableness that way.
Boss said "ooooooh" when she found a whole sheet of round sticker things in her Evalicious package.  "They are even more amazing than you think they will be," says Boss.  And they are a dream to print on.  I guess.  (Boss said this also but I am getting tired of doing the dialog thing.)  Boss says the printing is glossy and beautiful but the place to write or print is not glossy so the words do not just fall right off.
Traditional Layout with Evalicious:  Oh, yes.  I knew that a pretty-paper-picture-story page documenting the new obsession of Boss would have to happen.  And it seems to have happened in the most distressingly pink way possible.  Although Boss has put in just a touch of green.  And this is somehow a different color of green than what Boss used before.  This is more like... like... oh goodness.  I do not really care.  Do you?
Boss shows how the new Evalicious stuff is wonderful stackingness and layeringness.  "And pink!" says Boss.  I know.  We can see that quite clearly.  At this point, I wish to go on record as saying that I wish dogs really were color blind.  Because then all this pink stuffses would not be so bothersome after all.
More stacking and pink.  I am moving on.
Card with Evalicious:  Awwwww, a very nice card with very tasty ribbon.  I know this is true because Boss let me snack on the leftover bit.  It squeaks delightfully in my teeth!  And if you are lucky enough to get this card, you can chew on it also! 
More of the puffy sticker, round sticker, and large tag thing in that color that Boss likes.  At least there is no pink!

Because Boss is encouragingness like she is, here are all the Evalicous deliciousness you need to buy and taste.  Or you could just put it on your teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages, regular pretty-paper-picture-story pages, and card things if you are not hungry when your package arrives from Canada-no-where-near-Ontario:


  1. Love what you've done! So many projects. Think I'm going to have to pick up my game!!
    These are all fabulous. I especially love the pink/green combo you've gone with in your layout. Amazing!!

  2. Sis, your capacity for creativity is always overflowing, you amaze me--always! Great work! xoxo HJ