Thursday, September 12, 2013

Boss Makes the Sketch Things

So friend-the-deadly told Boss to make sketches or be killed.  So Boss made sketches.  But Boss, being the Boss that she is, did the sketch in a backwards way.  See, Boss makes pretty-paper-picture-story pages that she likes and is pleasingness to the eyeball of Boss (not to be confused with friend-the-eyeball).  And then Boss copies them.  And copies them.  And copies them some more.  So Boss is doing the sketch thing, but Boss is doing it with pretty-paper-picture-story pages that have already been done and in the book of Boss.  Boss says it is much easierness this way and is a faster way to stay alive than if she had to make the sketch things for friend-the-deadly from the beginning.
Sketch 1:  Yes, this is what Boss called this.  Apparently all of her imagination stuffses are used up right at this moment.
Sketch 1 + 8x10" photo:  So this is apparently the fastest way to get this sketch thing done.  Just get a big big picture!  Boss cautions you to be careful about where you do the cutting of the picture thing.  She once cut the head of Player in half in a poorly-planned cut.  Boss did not show him that pretty-paper-picture-story page.  She is the "chicken" word, I think.
Sketch 1 + 8x10" collage photo:  This is pretty close to the fastest way to get this sketch thing done, but it will take you lots of extra time and some swear words to get the collage picture thing all lined up and good to cut.  I think Boss said this during the collage building time:  "No.  No.  No.  No.  Fergoodness sake, NO.  No.  No.  Why the [expletive deleted] is this so [expletive deleted] hard?!?"  Actually, Expletive Deleted is a very nice font and Boss does like it.  Probably because Boss is a big fan of expletives. 
Sketch 1 + lots of pictures:  Not a fan of cutting the heads of your peoples in half or using expletives?  Then Boss offers this as an option.  You will notice that the pictures do not all fit on the paper very neatly.  This is what happens when Boss gets the "playful" word.  She does not stay inside the lines and says the "booyah!" word.  For no reason that I can tell.  I think Boss just likes talking to her pretty-paper-picture-story pages.  Also, because Boss could not stay inside the lines, she had to be all creativeness with where the title went.  And that is okay.  Says Boss.  Of course.
Sketch 1 card:  So Boss says any sketch can be made into cards.  But then makes a sketch thing just for a card.  So I do not know if Boss is really right or is just using the "illustrating my point" words.  But Boss is certainly being unpredictableness with this one because she made the sketch thing first and then the card.  Maybe she is using the "covering my bases" words to protect her from the wrath of friend-the-deadly.
Sketch 1 card example:  Uh.  I really hope Boss made this for someone else and does not just mail it to herself.  She is kind of excitedness about this sketch idea after all and has said these words a lot today.  A LOT.

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