Sunday, September 1, 2013

Boss Calls A Time Out

Yes, that is right.  Boss has called a time out.  And she says she calls a time out on herself and that she has to go off and sit and think and play with no plan or deadline. 

Suddenly this sounds rather much like Boss making fun stuffses happen instead of the "punishment" word that is normally a time out.  I know what a time out is supposed to be.  Boss tries to threaten the time out at Talker and Player but they are much too oldness for this and then the threat generally turns into giggling and general goofishness.  Which is actually clever on the part of Boss because Talker and Player are still in the easily distracted phase and lose track of whatever it was that was making them need a time out to begin with.  Boss says that she is lucky that the easily distracted phase lasts for about 80 more years because they are the man kind of peoples.  I think this may be a rude comment, but I am not exactly sure.  Because I think it might actually be true words.

But back to Boss.  Boss is taking a time out from doing pretty-paper-picture-story pages for other peoples.  She was done with Evalicious goodies in June which was exactly according to the rules, and now she is done with The ScrapRoom.  The ScrapRoom was hard to say good-bye to but Boss looked at the calendar thing and realized there was no way she could do the pretty-paper-picture-story pages for The ScrapRoom for most of the rest of the year and then had to go away more often then ever before... and well.  You know.  Peoples are busyness.  Which I think is foolish.  More time should be spent contemplating the joys of hamburger wrappers and the taste of grasshoppers, but then there is no explaining the peoples. 

So these are the last pretty-paper-picture-story pages Boss will make for The ScrapRoom.  But do not be sad.  Boss will still get some papers in a kit from The ScrapRoom because Boss just loves the paper.  She will use it whenever she wants and might just let loose and mix things up a bit.  (We all know this is crazy talk, but whatever.  If Boss wants to be silly, then let Boss be silly.)  Boss will take more classes and focus on the fun stuffses instead of the timeline things.  Boss may even contemplate the flavor of grasshoppers.  Or not.  I think not.  She just gave me a look that makes me think that probably the grasshopper thing is not going to happen after all.

Echo Park Paper Here & Now:  Now, Boss did leave one word of the title off.  She left off the "damn" word.  And it really is part of the title, because Boss had a very long conversation with Player and Talker about the title of this page when it happened in her head and then they talked about what perfect days really are and how they are important.  But Boss left off the "damn" word for politeness for The ScrapRoom.  But she put it on for her own book.  Talker agrees that this is the right thing to do.  He is suddenly somehow an expert on pretty-paper-picture-story pages?
Echo Park Paper Here & Now:  So you have seen this 12x12 page before on the other blog post.  It was a sneaky sneak peek from myself to you.  Are you loving it?  I think so.  But now it is small.  And in the book of Boss.  Which makes Boss happy.
Echo Park Paper Here & Now:  So Boss loves the scary cutter thing.  A lot.  A LOT.  She messed with it and messed with it and came up with a card that looks like a file folder but is the size to fit in a regular envelope.  Boss says if you want this cut file for your Silhouette thingie, you can leave me a comment and I will take care of emailing it to you right away.  Wait.  I will?  I am suddenly somehow an email expert?
Jillibean Soup Happy Camper:  Oh, my peoples are happy campers all right, so this paper and the extra thingies that come with it in the kit are perfectness.  Boss made a teeny pretty-paper-picture-story page with this paper because that is how Boss rolls with the teeny pretty-paper-picture-story pages this year.
Jillibean Soup Happy Camper:  But do not be worriness about the camping paper if you do not like to be a happy camper in real life stuff.  Because the paper is apparently marvelous for making cards with.  This is what Boss said, and here are the cards to be proving it, so I am guessing she is right.  These are supposed to fit in a business size envelope, but I am also guessing that Boss will be paying the "extra postage" words because the ribbon is so fluffly.  I can help with that, actually.  I do happen to be an expert on eating ribbons.
September Project Life Kit:  Boss and the vegetables and flowers.  Again.  And this flower is merely a weed.  And a bad weed, too.  Boss is a little over-exuberant about learning new things.  This is my opinion.  Boss does not share this opinion.  She says to move on already.
September Project Life Kit:  Another teeny pretty-paper-picture-story page, but this one has good stuff on it!  It has tasty geeses, tasty yarn things, and Player!  He is sometimes tasty but only after he has been eating in a messy way.  Which is often.  If he does not learn to get the food into his mouth properly, Boss will put him on a time out.  *wagging tail*

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